KYC - Know Your Customer - customers classification

Integrated risk assessment for new and existing customers

According to the international regulations, banks are required to collect accurate data on the individuals and legal entities including their authorized persons in order to assess the risk level of the client. The bank must refuse to cooperate with high-risk customers. For that purpose, SironKYC uses third parties databases with advance set of connections:

  • Black and other sanctions lists;
  • PEPs – politically exposed persons;
  • Information on the ownership structure of the companies;


Key functions:

  • Flexible integration with the existing processes;
  • Compliance with mandatory due diligence process of the customer to determine the level of risk;
  • Dynamic questionnaires;
  • Client information is reviewed in terms of black and other sanction lists for identification of criminals;
  • “Real time” classification through common and custom rules;
  • Link to SironAML to detect deviations from the initial data and classification by the behaviors of customers;
  • Standardized connection with the core banking applications for verification of the existing customers;