Siron RAS – Risk Assessment and Risk Management for AML

SironRAS is a tool that helps the banks to create and further develop their risk analysis. Identification, categorization and AML risks assessment  is a base for every further bank activities for creation of AML programs. A specific IT oriented measures are introduced. This applies not only to individual controls on the risks of money laundering. Focus on the most important risks results in savings through efficient resource allocation and deeper controls. Integrated workflows with risk assessment across all departments, documentation of audit checks only complement the overall picture.


Key functions:

  • System based specification on internal organizational and business structure;
  • Process for identification, categorization and ranking of risks associated with attempts to money laundering;
  • Already defined risks of attempted money laundering;
  • Measures to prevent and minimize risks, including functionalities management activities and timelines;
  • Link to SironAML for check of the efficiency of the measures.;