Net.Bit Value-Add to FICO Tonbeller Siron

Net.Bit Value-Add to FICO Tonbeller Siron

Net.Bit is delivery, integration and support partner of FICO Tonbeller’s Siron solutions. Based on the Siron product family, we develop and implement standardized and individual solutions against financial and white-collar crime and for risk management and monitoring, analysis, and reporting. 

We are continuously investing in development of experts and products around the FICO Tonbeller’s Siron suite of products. Since the beginning of our cooperation with FICO Tonbeller in 2009, we have developed up our sales, marketing and technical teams to improve the customer experience in the use of Siron products. 

During the entire system life-cycle, we work closely with Tonbeller and share information, expertise and resources with FICO Tonbeller, to provide the best possible experience for the customer. 

Sales Support 

We are committed to understanding the customers’ needs, the national regulations and the competitive environment. Based on this, and the expertise we have gained during the many years of successful implementation of projects, we provide the best solutions to our customers, both from regulatory, technical, and price point of view. 

ETL Development 

Our database experts develop tailor-made ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) modules for extraction of data from the banks’ core banking systems, in order to prepare the data feed for loading and further processing in the Tonbeller applications. Ensuring good data quality from the core banking data is the first step towards good results with the AML software. 

Report Generator 

Net.Bit’s software team develops custom reporting, as required by the national regulations. Whether it is one or more reports, formats ranging from txt, xls or xml, varying reporting frequency, etc., our Report Generator for SironAML can accommodate all national regulations. Furthermore, the Report Generator also provides interfaces with the Siron Case Management system, in order to establish audit trails for each generated report.   

System Integration 

Our system integration team is composed of expert system engineers, database experts and programmers, who work together and interactively with the customer to ensure successful and flawless integration of Siron products in any environment. Whether it is an AIX, Linux, Windows operating system, DB2, SQL or Oracle database, we’ve done it and we have a proven track record of many success stories. 

Technical Support 

Customers’ compliance and operation is our top priority. Together with FICO Tonbeller, Net.Bit provides best-in-class technical support* for the numerous customers worldwide. The customer has a single-point-of-contact, a ticketing system where he can trace the tickets as they are resolved, and single annual fee. But behind this, there are many experts providing for all customers’ needs during the product life-cycle: from free software upgrade licenses to remote and on-site support.


*) FICO Tonbeller has been awarded best-in-class ratings for customer support inThe CEB TowerGroup analyst report 2013. The CEB TowerGroup has critically tested technologies from nine different providers before defining its final decision.