Report Generator

Report Generator

Report Generator for SironAML® is a software application developed by Net.Bit’s software team for custom reporting from the SironAML® database, as required by the national regulations.

The main task of this application is to extract and/or group all transactions which fulfill certain entry parameters or criteria, and then to deliver them in the specific format(s) in compliance with the national regulations. The Report Generator also provides feedback for the Case Management, Customer Profiling and the Audit Trail of SironAML to ensure full regulatory compliance. 


All entry parameters and criteria for grouping are defined in advance according to a specification which has to be developed at the beginning of the project according to the national FIU’s regulation.

Multiple types of daily and monthly reports can be generated based on different input parameters. 


There are two type of retrieval and processing of the data: 

  • The first type is retrieval of series of data from the Siron Database based on user

defined parameters entered thru the Report Generator GUI, which fulfill certain criteria.

This mode is used to generate, for example, monthly reports that may be automatically

submitted to the FIU.

  • The second type  is used to retrieve the data from an already created case in the

Siron AML Case Management GUI. This mode is used for STR reporting, from the Siron

AML interface, after an investigation has taken place in Siron AML.


For every generated report of the first type the Report Generator for SironAML creates a record in the AML database including the reported data which is necessary for future research, statistics, risk profiling and audit checks.

The Report Generator for SironAML® runs on multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, Oracle, MS SQL …) and can be easily integrated into the existing environments.

Generally the reports are in formats ranging from txt, xls or xml, but can be customized to accommodate client’s needs and national regulations.